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May 27, 2016
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August 3, 2016

Cable TV systems have changed dramatically. With different networks, you can now get a range of local and international channels from all over the world. In fact, with a good cable TV box, you can channels from halfway across the world.

This means searching for and finding a system that is geared to meet your unique needs. As we all know, the market for cable TV systems is vast. You can literally spend a month browsing systems and still end up being confused about which system to buy. We experienced a similar situation as well and in an effort to save time, we decided to review as many cable TV systems as possible. This review is about the system and how it can benefit you.

Kodi TV

So let’s take a look.

About The IPTV Private Server
This is an interesting system. According to the website, the IPTV Private Server is one of the best systems available online for channels, films and other sporting events. A few of the unique features offered by the system include the following:
• The system offers more than 800 channels for viewers. This list includes top of the line sporting channels. As we all know, sporting events are paid events. Most of the time, we do have to shell out extra money to view our favorite sporting events during peak seasons. Of course, this does not mean you are getting unknown sports events. IPTV offers you peak TV NFL Sunday ticket events that are a huge draw all over the world. Finding a channel like kodi tv that gives it to you at no extra charge is a huge perk.

Kodi TV
• More than 1000 films are also offered through the kodi tv box. Live TV is great, no doubt about that but sometimes it can get boring as well. This is where a good movie can really pass the time. The good news is that this system already has more than 1000 films ready for viewing. Take your time to browse the entire system files or just randomly pick a movie for viewing. You can also check the movie synopsis and then pick a movie that fits your mood. Not bad right?
• The system offers great add ons at minimal price. At the time of writing, we do not have a list of all the addons offered by the system. But the website has promised several great features that should blow your mind. We would suggest you check the retailer website or check with customer care before you invest in a good system.

• We like the system because it has so many channels and films we can watch at any time.
• The system comes in an entire package deal of the IPTV Private Server + IKS 1 Year service priced at $150. This has been discounted to $100 at present which is really good. Moreover, you can get accessories with the system as well. For example, the website is offering the X8 Mini Wireless Keyboard Fly Air Mouse Remote USA at $60. For a limited period, this too is being offered at a discounted rate of $35. You can add the Reliable iptv 4K to the package deal for a discounted price of $140. Now, this entire package is affordable to almost every buyer.
• The system is also easily available online. Just log on to the website and book your system online. It will be delivered to your home within a week with installation instructions.
• It is a reliable company with more than 100 million users online who have written in to commend the wonderful video quality and sound provided by the system. As a result, you do know that you are getting good value-for-money with this system.
There are not many cons that we can see at present. Of course, the only disadvantage we see is that you should know a little about computers before investing in this system. The company does send a detailed installation guide and you will have to set up the box yourself. This is not that great because the instructions are quite complicated. Please do get in touch with the customer care section in case you have problems. There is no money-back guarantee as well with this system. But if you can install the tv addons kodi system correctly, this is not a problem.


We’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible about the kodi tv addons system but we did find it good value for money. Please do read a few more reviews available online regarding this system just to make an unbiased decision. You can also check consumer forums and other websites to find user reviews and comments. We welcome your feedback as well. In case you have other comments you would like to share, please write in to us or paste your comments in the comments field below.

kodi tv box

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